“Marc is a true champion for children. From his cutting edge work to grow Cambridge's early childhood education programs to his direct outreach to myself as the former manager of Barefoot Books, Marc does more to include me in the political process more than any other city elected official. I appreciate his inclusiveness, his honesty and his willingness to make tough choices on behalf of our city's children. Thank you Marc for your tireless service and servant leadership!”
Noah McIntyre
CPS graduate and Cambridge resident
“I support Marc because City Council needs fresh voices and progressive views. He would bring both. Marc is a social worker by profession (he was my student a long time ago), and he will be attentive to the voices and interests of those in Cambridge who are struggling the most. A Cambridge resident whose family has lived here for generations, he has a deep love for the city.”
Ann Fleck-Henderson
North Cambridge resident
“I have known Marc for many years and have seen his ability to collaborate with his colleagues and be a leader on important issues. As someone who works in the human services field, I have also seen Marc's commitment to some of the most vulnerable and at-risk children and families in our city and state. He truly understands the families of Cambridge and the need for affordable housing and services to ensure everyone's needs are being met.”
Judy Pearlman
Cambridge Parent and housing advocate
“Marc understands the power of prevention and the importance of giving ALL of our children a promising start. He has been a leader on the school committee in reaching out to the early childhood community and finding resources to support families and teachers. As a member of the Cambridge Kids' Council, I look forward to continuing to work with him as he champions these cost-effective investments as our newest city councilor.”
Betty Bardige
Early Childhood Education expert and Cambridge resident
“When you have known and been friends with someone for thirty years, you can say certain things with credibility and certainty. I can do that with Marc McGovern. Marc has always been dependable, thoughtful, sensible and open, as well as supportive -- and yes, fun -- never placing his own ego in the way of getting things done. I have watched him use these traits well for many, many years, through not only our social lives but on student school committee at Rindge & Latin in the 1980s and School Committee in Cambridge for the last decade. It is time for him, now, to bring that talent to City Council here in our home town. I can say (and Marc knows well) that we have not always agreed or seen things the same way, whether in politics or our analysis of our favorite local sports teams. But in those situations, he is and has always been great at keeping an open mind, communicating well and clearly, and treating me and others with respect. So, I am proud and excited that Marc is running, and will be giving him my #1 vote for Cambridge City Council this year. And you should too. His will be a welcome voice, on issues large and small, for all of the residents of our great city.”
Ray Ausrotas
Cambridge native, North Cambridge resident and CPS parent
"Marc McGovern is all about people and making their lives better. To me, that is the heart of progressive leadership."
Jonathan Hecht
State Representative representing West Cambridge
“As a School Committee member, Marc has been incredibly helpful to me and my family as we have navigated the early school selection process. Marc has a deep understanding of our school system, the foundation of this community, and the way the rest of our city operates. He is always willing to make time to listen and problem solve in a creative way. Given Marc’s experience and background, he is an exceptional candidate for the City Council and will have much to offer our community in that capacity.”
Mahmood Firouzbakht
Cambridge parent
“I first met Marc when he was running for the first time for School Committee. I wanted to know why I should support and vote for him. He convinced me then of his commitment to our children, schools and community. I voted for him then and have never regretted my vote. Throughout his tenure on the School Committee he has delivered the conviction and commitment he made to me that day.”
Jay Yessleman
West Cambridge resident
“As a fifth generation Cantabridgian, Marc knows our neighborhoods and the people that live in them. Whether you are a lifelong resident like he is, an affluent professional new to this city, or a poor immigrant new to this country, Marc will listen. If you have a problem, he will work with you to solve it. Empathetic and collaborative leadership is needed in Cambridge now more than ever. The ability to bridge divides and forge consensus is essential to effective public service. As your City Councilor, Marc McGovern will be that public servant and he deserves your #1 vote. “
James Conway
CPS graduate and North Cambridge resident
"I am a supporter of Marc McGovern for Cambridge City Council. Marc embodies what we need from our representatives. We need to trust our representatives and we need our City Councilors to have an understanding of all the components that make up this wonderful city."
Sal Framondi
Mid Cambridge resident


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